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New documentary brings Chinese-Canadian perspective to Moose Jaw's history

The National Film Board of Canada has launched a new documentary highlighting Moose Jaw’s Chinese-Canadian connections through the story of a family.

Titled “A Passage Beyond Fortune”, the documentary was directed by Weiye Su, a Chinese-Canadian filmmaker.

Su told CTV News the film is meant to be a look at the true history of Chinese-Canadians in Moose Jaw, from a Chinese-Canadian lens.

“Living in Saskatchewan, we all know about the Chinese tunnel story in Moose Jaw, so I wanted to tell a different story. A story more authentic, more true to the communities that still live there,” Su told CTV News. “I think we need more diversity.”

“Most of the Chinese people in Moose Jaw, they are business owners, they work hard day and night to provide support for their family and contribute to the economy of Moose Jaw,” Su said. “We always say that we need to move forward to the future, but we have to also learn lessons from the past. Be able to move forward.”

Su’s full documentary can be found for free through the NFB, and a community screening is planned for Wednesday at the Moose Jaw Cultural Centre. Top Stories

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