A new program is being made available to jurors in Saskatchewan who experience difficulties after performing jury duty.

The Juror Support Program, starting Friday, will provide access to up to four sessions for anyone who participated as a juror on a criminal trial, civil trial or coroner’s inquest.

“We are grateful to everyone who acts as a juror, and greatly respect the vital role they play in the administration of justice,” Justice Minister and Attorney General Don Morgan said in a written release. “Jurors are often called upon to witness horrific and gruesome evidence in fulfillment of this role, and we’re dedicated to providing them with the support they need to move on once their responsibility is fulfilled.”

The Ministry of Justice will run the program, and professional counsellors will be available in 24 communities for jurors seeking support. Other methods will be available for jurors in remote communities, according to the province.

Applicants will have up to two months to apply for the program after completing their jury service. Spouses, partners and family members of jury members will also be eligible for the program if they get a recommendation from a service provider.

Any jury member who requires more than four sessions will be referred to provincial health services.

To access the program, call 1-866-294-5035.