Saskatchewan's new premier and new opposition leader will square off for the first time in the legislature when the spring session begins on Monday.

It will be the first day back for MLAs following a three month adjournment, marking Scott Moe's first day in the house as premier.

"Well looking forward to it. We have 30-some bills that are in the house that we'll continue to debate, but you know, from a sessional calendar perspective the real focus will be on ultimately the buildup and delivery of our budget on April 10,” Moe said.

The annual budget is still running a half billion dollars in the red. It could point to the possibility of further cuts.

"We're in our second year of our three year plan to balance and we are making every effort to ensure that we'll be on track,” Moe said.

It will also be Ryan Meili's first day in the legislature as opposition leader.

"It's really wild. We didn't have a general election but nonetheless we have a new premier, a new leader of the opposition, we'll elect a new speaker, a new lieutenant governor and three new MLAs. So much has changed,” Saskatchewan NDP Leader Ryan Meili said.

Meili pledged to hold the government accountable. 

"Unfortunately I think the things that really need to change haven't.  We're going to see the same approach to budgeting.  We're going to see the same austerity approach that cuts the services we need," Meili said.

The new provincial budget will be presented on April 10, about two weeks later than usual. The delay is to give the new premier an opportunity to make some final adjustments.