Among the big-box shopping in Regina’s east end will be a one-stop shop for medical care.

"It's really going to improve the experience for the patients when they come to see us," said cardiologist Dr. Jeff Booker.

Booker splits his work schedule between the General Hospital and his downtown office. Future plans include moving his private practice to the new Eastgate Centre, which is set to open in late 2017.

"We have a lot of older, sicker folks from small towns in Saskatchewan. We draw from the entire southern half of the province,” said Booker.

“And so, for them to come in to the city and to try to find parking downtown, and get into the office, and then if we want to arrange any other tests, having to travel elsewhere."

Three of four floors in the 52,000-square-foot complex will be reserved for medical practice. The main floor is dedicated to retail space, owned by Choice Properties.

"What we're trying to do is facilitate having doctors come together under one roof and offer multiple disciplines in the healthcare industry," said Carmen Lien of Link Developments.

"It's a larger building where we can bring together people from various specialties, and just the proximity and interaction that we can have in that space," added Booker.

The idea of offering multiple medical services under one roof is not new. However, Lien said the size and scope of the development makes it unique. Notable services include indoor parking and drop-off zone for patients with reduced mobility.

"We operate very much like a class-A office tower. So, there's 22 zones – patients’ comfort is our highest priority," said Lien.

Construction is slated to be complete by August 2017. The grand opening is expected to follow in October.