REGINA -- Mayor Sandra Masters spent the most on her 2020 municipal election campaign, according to data released by the City of Regina

Based on elections rules, all candidates from the 2020 Municipal election were required to share their expense forms from their campaigns.

During the 2020 election campaign, candidates for mayor could spend a maximum of $68,776, while candidates for councillor had a limit of $11,393.

Mayor Sandra Masters spent the most, $68,289.56, while receiving $67.891.36 in contributions. Former mayor Michael Fougere was the second highest spender, dolling out $64,047.21, while also raising $63,573.74.

The third highest spender was Jerry Flegel, who spent $52,986.35 and received $31,396.76, after leaving his councillor seat to try and run for mayor.

Successful councillor Landon Mohl was the highest spender in the councillor race. He spent $11,259.46.

Each candidate is required to submit a deposit of $100.00 during the nomination stage. That deposit is refunded if the candidate discloses their expenses at the end of the campaign. If a candidate does not comply, they lose the deposit and face fines.

A report said 46 of the 54 candidates submitted their expense forms. Mayoral candidates Tony Fiacco, Bob Pearce and George R. Wooldridge have all failed to submit their expenses. Councillor candidates Bikramjit Singh, Nahida Chowdhuary, John Gross, Carl Humphreys and Carmen Hiebert also failed to submit forms.

If convicted, the eight candidates could receive a maximum fine of $10,000 and can become ineligible to run in future elections.