Special Olympics programming for kids in the Estevan area has been difficult to find, which is why Kandyce Meili decided to create her own.

Meili’s daughter’s Emily and Olivia have Med-13-L, which is a disability that affects growth and motor skills. Getting them involved in sports and activities was difficult with the limited programming available nearby.

“We looked for programming in Weyburn and Regina but it was too far to drive so we decided to bring it here,” said Meili.

She took it upon herself to make her own special Olympics program that her daughters and others can participate in. Last week, she launched two new programs aimed at kids two to six years old and another for kids seven to 12 years old, run by coaches from Estevan.

Around 15 children are currently signed up for the program. Meili hopes that the two programs help to build the Special Olympics presence in the area.

“It'll get them a lot more interested and feel more comfortable, and they'll have their friends that are moving on with them so they'll get to go do these things with their friends,” said Meili.

Based on a report by Cole Davenport