A new waste water main in Regina will help prevent wastewater contamination in Wascana Creek.

The waste water main, known as the “Third Force Main Project”, will take wastewater from the McCarthy Boulevard pumping station to the wastewater treatment plant.

In 2014 and 2015 the McCarthy Boulevard pumping station failed to handle water from major rainstorms, resulting in raw sewage being released into Wascana Creek.

The main is a multi-million dollar investment with the province contributing $3.75 million and the federal government chipping in $7.5 million.

“This is important work for Regina residents, but also for our friends and neighbours downstream,” said Mayor Michael Fougere in a written release. “It is vital that the City of Regina do all it can to ensure that our wastewater system is effective and reliable at all times and we are thankful for the significant contribution from the provincial and federal governments to this project.”

Installation of the five foot wide, four kilometre long water main began in 2017.