A newlywed Regina couple are missing some memories from their wedding.

More specifically, a memory card, with dozens of photos from their special day.

“We really hope to get back the memory card,” Yvonne Percy, mother of the bride, said. “ That’s irreplaceable to us.”

The happy couple and their wedding party were taking photos with a wedding photographer in Victoria Park, when the photographer set his bag down.

According to another photographer the bag was barely out of sight during the day, and only set down to capture a shot of the bride and groom popping a bottle of champagne.

It wasn’t long after that photographer Tim Smith realized the bag was gone.

“Maybe in the excitement of popping the champagne,” Smith said. “That might have been the time. That’s the most likely time it could’ve been grabbed.”

The memories captured on the card can’t be brought back without the return of the memory card.

Regina Police are investigating the theft, and will be flagging the serial numbers on the lenses that were stolen along with the memory card.

But Smith said he’s less concerned about the gear and more about the lost memories of the bride and groom.

“We don’t care about the camera gear whatsoever,” Smith said. ‘We don’t care about anything that was lost except for that memory card that had some photos from the wedding.”

The Percy family have put out a reward for the cards safe return, and want to remind people to always keep an eye on their belongings.

Based on a report by Cole Davenport.