RCMP say no charges will be laid after a dog attack that claimed the life of a young Saskatchewan boy.

Six-year-old Cameron Mushanski died in the attack outside a home in the small community of Riceton, southeast of Regina, on Sept. 13.

On Wednesday, RCMP announced they have concluded their investigation into the incident, and that no charges will be laid.

“This is a tragic circumstance where a six year old boy was killed,” RCMP said in a news release.

“Based on all of the evidence and circumstances, it has been determined there were no elements of any criminal, provincial or bylaw offence committed.”

RCMP say they will not be releasing the cause of the child’s death. The boy’s family has been informed of the decision not to lay charges.

The family’s two Giant Alaskan Malamute dogs were euthanized after the attack. At the time, police said it wasn’t clear whether one or both dogs were involved.