REGINA -- The Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) says as of Thursday there are no confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the province, but 13 people from Saskatchewan who have travelled to China have been tested. Six of those tests came back negative, and the seven other results are still pending.

The SHA says it has not received word of anyone from Saskatchewan currently being in Wuhan, or on the quarantined cruise ship off the coast of Japan. It says Global Affairs will work on getting that information. 

The health authority says at this point, the virus is not currently transmitting from person to person in Canada, so there is no reason for people who haven’t traveled to China to be concerned. It adds wearing a face mask is not necessary for anyone who hasn’t traveled. 

The SHA says anyone who has traveled to the Hubei province of China should isolate themselves for 14 days after leaving the affected area, and self-isolation is also recommended if anyone has been in close contact with someone who is ill. 

It also recommends anyone who has traveled to mainland China in the last two weeks should watch for symptoms like fever or cough for 14 days after leaving. If they do experience those symptoms, they should self-isolate and call the Healthline at 811.