REGINA -- The Walmart on Rochdale Boulevard in north Regina will remain closed for an unknown amount of time after a fire on Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2019, broke out inside the store.

The stores manager says there is still no timeline for when the store will reopen.

"The product currently is in the building and it's being tested and there is obviously a process with the Saskatchewan Health Authority and our own compliance people that are ensuring that the safety of the public is the first priority," Rochdale Blvd. Walmart store manager Bill Hambly said

The pharmacy team has been moved to the Walmart on Gordon Road. All accounts and staff have been moved to the Gordon location, meaning clients that regularly go to the Rochdale location can access their medications through the store.

The Salvation Army Christmas Kettle from the Rochdale location has been collected. Walmart Canada says it is making sure the Salvation Army will not be negatively impacted by an early end to collection, but isn’t sharing what the remedy may be.

Employees from the Rochdale location are being moved to two other Walmart locations in the city.

"The processes and the procedures are all the same no matter where they are at, so them being here, it's really nice to see the familiar faces in them. We have a lot of customers from the north end coming here, and for them to see the familiar faces in the associates has been wonderful," Gordon Rd. Walmart store manager Chelsey Sali.

Officials are trying to determine what products, if any, could still be used and what products need to be destroyed.

No products have been moved to other stores.