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Not so alone: Silent Hearts Walk seeks to support families who’ve lost children

The annual Silent Hearts Walk Perinatal Loss Awareness Walk, brought out families and their supports for a journey through Wascana Park.

Along the walk’s route were signs, posted by the roads and walkways, each with a name of a baby or infant who did not live through their development stage or early life stages.

The event was meant to bring families out, as well as to fundraise for the supports offered by the Twinkle Star Project.

“There is an isolation that comes with this,” said Brooke Larson, who took part in Sunday’s walk.

“When you’re gathered in a community of people who all feel the same thing, it makes you not feel so alone.”

The Twinkle Star Project was created in 2016. The organization offers peer-to-peer support along with other services for those dealing with the loss of an infant.

Speers Funeral Chapel has been a partner of the Silent Hearts Walk for several years.

The chapel helps families that have lost infants by waving a charge for arrangements.

“We care for these little ones,” said Kelsi Palmer, general manager of the Speers Funeral Chapel.

“It’s an unimaginable pain to lose a child and we don’t want to add any financial burden on that.”

Stephanie Roster, Co-President of the Twinkle Star Project, says the community is a group nobody wishes to be apart of.

However for all those affected, the Twinkle Star Project is there, always looking to help.

“We are here day or night for you,” Roster said.

“We will do whatever we can to support the people who join us in this club.” Top Stories

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