The Regina Humane Society has seen a boom in the past month. Large numbers of strays have come in, creating an emergency situation with dire consequences.

Don Simons, with the RHS, says more animals in the facility is unsafe. “As our numbers get higher, we run the risk of animals becoming unhealthy. Our facility becomes overcrowded and then unfortunately some of the animals have to be euthanized, and that is something we never want to do. We never want to put down a healthy animal for space.”

There are two ways that pet owners and animal lovers can do to help the situation.

“We need people to adopt animals and look at making adoption be a first option. We also want people to spay and neuter their animals,” says Simons.

Presently, the Regina Humane Society is 100 animals over-capacity, but residents can bring home a new furry friend to help out. And with the price of adoption, the society will include a spay or neuter, some vaccinations, and a identification microchip.