An officer was dismissed from the Moose Jaw Police Service on Wednesday afternoon.

According to a release, Alan Murdock was dismissed following serval investigations into numerous allegations of misconduct.

Police Chief Rick Bourassa was limited in what he could say about what lead up to the dismissal, but says the officer was experienced.

“What I can say is that we dismissed a constable from our police service [Wednesday], a constable with roughly 30 years of service,” Bourassa told CTV News. “This was following a number of investigations that we had conducted into allegations of misconduct.

Bourassa could not elaborate on the specifics behind the officer’s alleged misconduct, but says the investigations span several years and adds it was a carefully thought out decision to relieve Murdock from duty.

“After looking at all of the facts and analyzing everything and pulling everything together, I made the decision that the dismissal was appropriate and so we took those steps,” Bourassa said. “I know people are curious and anxious to find out why, we all want to know those things, but it just wouldn’t be appropriate for me to do that right now.”

According to Bourassa, this decision can be appealed under the Police Act.

“When I talk about respecting processes that’s what I am talking about,” Bourassa said. “We’ll now wait and see if there will be an appeal.”

Murdock is no longer authorized to engage in any police activities and will no longer have any of the authority he had as an officer.

Should anyone have any information they would like to provide, please contact the Moose Jaw Police Service at (306) 694-7600.