Some Regina businesses are aiming to lower their environmental footprint by encouraging customers to bring their own containers, to help reduce waste.

Customers frequenting Regina candy store Dessart Sweets, can bring in their own containers when filling up on the shop’s sweet treats.

“You can bring in your jar and a lot of people have net bags too, we can use those,” said Shelley Patterson, the Owner of Dessart Sweets. “We just take the weight off for the price of the jar, so you just get charged for the price of the candy.”

The new initiative fits in with the store’s goal to keep waste at a minimum. The shop already uses biodegradable straws, and lets customers bring in their own containers for ice cream and water.

“It’s just about thinking about your responsibility as a consumer,” said Patterson.

A few blocks away at Mortise and Tenon, similar reusable options are offered for toiletries and other cleaning products. According to co-owner Dani Hackel, the shop currently offers bring your own container stations for dish soap, laundry soap, shampoo, conditioner, hand and body wash and lotion.

“To bring them in and purchase something like this, and not have to buy another one use plastic item, that's a huge, huge impact on the planet,” said Hackel.

The store also plans to expand their refill stations to include bulk food items like oils and vinegars. Hackel said the price of the products is comparable to the cost of items in grocery stores because of the quality.

“A lot of the formulas we bring in are highly concentrated, they're all organic and natural, they're never tested on animals, they're vegan and gluten free," said Hackel.

The shop also sells containers and pumps for anyone that needs them, along with other products that the owners hope can continue to help the planet.

“If you can do even one little thing to help combat that, we think that's super important. One tiny little step at a time,” said Hackel.

With files from CTV’s Stefanie Davis