A mosque in Regina opened its doors on Saturday for a “Meet Your Muslim Neighbours” event, to help people learn about the culture.

Members of the mosque took questions from anyone who wanted to stop by about the Islamic Religion and practices.

“It not only gives us an opportunity to get to know the people of our community, members of Regina or the public, but it also gives an opportunity to sit down and speak to each other face-to-face,” said Zeeshan Ahmed, an Imam with Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Canada.

Andre Boutin-Maloney stopped by and visited a mosque for the first time, despite living just a few blocks away from one in east Regina. He took the event as an opportunity to learn about the culture.

“We're part of this community and they're actually our neighbours and we feel that we should accept this welcome to come and learn a little more about the mosque in our community,” said Boutin-Maloney.

He was happy to be welcomed into the mosque by his neighbours and said he believes understanding other cultures is a two way street.

“If we want to deal with ignorance and bigotry in our society, one of the ways is through relationship building and understanding,” said Boutin-Maloney. “If we're not willing to do that as well, I don't know how we can get better, like that's how we make the world better,”

Ahmed said many mosques across the country are holding similar community outreach events to try and break down misconceptions about the Islamic faith.

“Our doors are open, regardless of your background, colour, faith, where you belong to, we encourage all members to come out and spend the day with us,” said Ahmed.