REGINA -- While COVID-19 has put a halt on many fun family activities, some fall-centric businesses are just getting going for their busiest time of year.

Regina’s Cedar Creek Gardens has opened up for its annual fall schedule with some minor adjustments.

"I would say we've seen more people this year so far," Brad Crassweller, the owner of Cedar Creek Gardens, said.

“Normally you'd be able to go in with the animals, this year it's just walk along. We have some food out there for you, they come to the fence and they just eat the leaves and corn and stuff through the fence."

The business’ popular corn maze is also back for another year.

“It's very COVID friendly, very safe, we can social distance, so now it's more a game of ‘eye spy’ as you go throughout,” said Crassweller.

The family business will soon be opening a COVID-19 friendly mini golf course, to offer even more outdoor entertainment. Although the pandemic has caused some changes for the 2020 season, the weather is cooperating.

"The last two years the falls have been really tough, we lost a lot of days to just too wet and too muddy in the maze,” said Crassweller.

Happy Hollow in Lumsden is also welcoming the warm weather. Its hay rides, animal visits and jumping pillow are welcoming visitors of all ages.

"The fact that the weather is nice and there's something finally for families to come out and do and get outside, it's perfect,” Tiffany Schaefer, the owner of Happy Hollow, said.

This year, Happy Hollow’s corn maze was planted with a special message.

"We wanted to do something just with COVID/corona and everything, something a little cute for the kids, so we did a pun "corn-rona says stay safe,” Schaefer said.

She added that Happy Hollow has also seen an increased in visitors this season. The business even reached full capacity on Saturday afternoon.

“Usually our opening weekends are the most beautiful but they're the quietest because people are doing other things or rider games even too. But the fact that there is nothing else, it's so much busier,” Schaefer said.