REGINA -- An outgoing MLA has received criticism over his use of the phrase “All Lives Matter” in his departing remarks.

Greg Brkich, the Sask. Party MLA for Arm River, said he has tried to treat everyone with respect and dignity, and how his political career has helped him be more respectful. He ended his remarks with one final statement.

"If we all do that, this will be a better place. So to me, all lives matter,” Brkich said.

The phrase All Lives Matter is viewed as dismissive of the Black Lives Matter movement and its use has been widely criticized.

Following the end of the session, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe said the comments should not have been made in the Legislature and reflect the viewpoint of an outgoing MLA, not the government as a whole.

“Those comments shouldn’t have been made in the house. It shouldn’t have been made by the individual due to the controversy of this conversation and they’re just not helpful to where we are going as a society, and the conversation that we are having as a society,” Moe said.

Brkich served as an MLA since 1999 and announced last year he would not be seeking reelection in 2020.