REGINA -- A Regina man is speaking up after his antique Porsche was stolen from a local repair shop. He was told the vehicles full value would not be covered by SGI.

Gerard St. Goddard had a 1983 Porsche, which had been in his family for years. Last year, he towed it to a local garage for repair where it was later stolen.

“It was reported to the police. The police picked it up and they ended up finding it in Glen Elm,” St. Goddard said.

The Porsche is a write off. SGI appraised it at over $12,000 but has offered an $800 settlement because it was registered as an antique vehicle.


“There is limited coverage, particularly when it comes to coverage for damage to that vehicle. You do have full injury and liability coverage the same that you would if you registered it as a regular light vehicle but the damage coverage is limited to $800,” Tyler McMurchy with SGI said.

There are 18,000 vehicles registered with SGI as antiques. In this case, the garage feels the vehicle should have been fully insured. Lawyer Tony Merchant feels it may be a case for the courts.

“The antique vehicle insurance really isn’t very helpful to people who have antique vehicles because the sales value is typically higher than the insurance they are going to be able to get on a sort of standard basis from SGI,” Merchant said.

The courts ordered the person responsible for the theft to pay $500 in restitution. The St. Godard family has been unable to locate that individual.