Parkland College has a new Tourism and Hospitality program designed to enhance student’s employability.

The program is fully funded by the Government of Saskatchewan with a contributed $158,000 and comes after from a growing demand for employees in the restaurant industry,

“Our government is proud to be partnering with Parkland College to invest in the Enhanced Career Bridging Program which will lead to successful and meaningful outcomes for students,” said Saskatchewan Government representative, James Parker.

Students are placed in classrooms that simulate real restaurant industry environments. They also have professionals that come in to speak to students and offer networking opportunities.

“There's a lot of job opportunities in Yorkton in the restaurant industry, itself, and we are very glad this program came into being because this will help us to recruit people who have been trained properly in this industry,” said MR MIKES Steakhouse Casual General Manager, C.V. Sestry.

The students are studying for an in-class exam before completing a six week work placement. When they graduate they will receive several certifications including first aid and WHIMIS training. “We’ve embedded employability skills,” said program coordinator, Anita Vincent.

The program teamed up with the Yorkton Tribal Council to pick 16 keen applicants to participate in the program.

“I’m pretty happy, actually,” said student, Noel Musqua, “I’m ahead of my goals at the moment and I imagine it will help me with my goals in the future.”

This year serves as a pilot project with the hopes of refunding for a new group of students next year.