Passing lanes are being added to Highways 9 and 10 near Yorkton.

The nearly 90 kilometres of combined highway, between Yorkton and Melville and Yorkton and Canora, currently have none. Yorkton resident Brad Kulscar says these can make them frustrating to drive.

“We have a lot of traffic coming in and out of the city. Especially with the crushing plants we have a lot of heavy traffic,” said Kulscar.

Each stretch of highway will have three passing lanes added, in addition to the regular maintenance already being performed.

The addition of the passing lanes will help with safety, said Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure spokesperson Steve Shaheen.

“Traffic engineers have determined that there is about a 25 per cent rate decrease in the amount of collisions as a result of passing lanes,” he said.

Between 2015 and 2017 there were more than two-hundred collisions combined on both highways, including six fatalities.

SGI spokesperson Tyler McMurphy said that the passing lanes will reduce passes and increase safety.

“At highway speeds head-on collisions can be very devastating, often resulting in fatalities or very serious injuries,” he said.

“Knowing that you'll have that opportunity to pass in a few kilometres will really reduce that frustration, will reduce that lineup [behind] the slowest moving vehicle.”

In a statement put out ahead of the long weekend, SGI urged drivers to merge safely and to never drive while impaired or distracted.

Offers on the construction contracts will be awarded in a few weeks and construction on the passing lanes could begin as early as this summer.