REGINA -- A petition calling for the head of the Regina Public School Board to resign was presented at Tuesday evening’s school board meeting.

The petition calls for Chairperson Katherine Gagne to resign, saying the result of the vote has been devastating for LGBTQ students.

“Since the decision was made, Board Chair Katherine (who helped defeat the motion) has made insensitive remarks online and in the media about the LGBTQ2S+ community,” Eric Bell alleges in the petition.

The board received and filed the presentation and said they’ll bring back comment at a later meeting.

The petition was started last month and has garnered thousands of signatures. It stems from a vote the school board held on a motion about Pride in early October.

The motion was meant to “recognize and support the celebration of Pride and fly the rainbow flag at school facilities each June,” Trustee Aleana Young described the motion as “reaffirming the status quo.”

The wording caused confusion for trustees and they voted it down, which was percieved by some as the trustees taking a stance against Pride.

The board remained firm on the fact that the vote would not change how local public schools will celebrate pride, keeping with the current practice that allows schools to hold celebrations as they see fit, but they are not obligated to take part.