A 7-year-old pet pitbull named Ben is dead following an encounter with members of the Regina Police Service on Saturday night.

Two police officers and a police dog responded to a call at approximately 7:30 p.m. reporting an assault of a male at the 1100 block of Retallack Street.

It was reported that the suspects had fled on foot. The officers and the dog attempted to track the suspects, and the dog led them into a backyard on Rae Street.  “Beware of dog” signs were displayed on the property.

A pitbull was on a chain in the backyard. The police dog and the pitbull began fighting. The canine officer attempted to break up the fight, but was knocked to the ground. The second officer also attempted to end the fight, but was unable.

The second officer then removed his firearm and fired a single shot, killing the pitbull.

The pitbull's owner and his family were in the garage at the time.

Neither of the officers nor the police dog was injured in the incident.

A full investigation has been done into the incident and has been forwarded for review.

The pitbull's owner has said he will file a complaint against the police and that he plans to pursue legal action.

Regarding the initial call reporting the assault, no arrests have been made. The incident remains under investigation.