There’s something new coming to Regina’s Warehouse District. With the new Mosaic Stadium ready to host the Roughriders next summer, focus has shifted to the Railyard Renewal Project.

“Right now it’s just a barren piece of land,” said Regina Mayor Michael Fougere. “It needs some tender love and care.”

After open meetings to hear feedback on the project, it’s moving into its second phase.

“It will add a huge vibrancy to the area,” said Sandy Doran, executive director of the Warehouse Business Improvement District. “Everyone thinks the Warehouse District stops at Dewdney, but actually it stops at the railroad.”

The City of Regina says there are plans for residential properties, new businesses and park land in the 17.5 acres south of Dewdney Avenue.

“It’s just been a long time coming,” said Grant Frew, manager of Bushwakker Brewpub. “Everyone is really excited about it.”

The plans will open access between the Warehouse District and Regina’s downtown.

“We’re looking for it to be sort of a mixed-use area,” Doran said. “(It) will bring traffic into the area on every day of the week.”

“Any sort of link that can be created between the old Warehouse District and downtown is going to be positive for both districts,” Frew added.

There aren’t any building plans in place yet, but they will stay true to the esthetics of the district.

“The city is taking care to ensure that it reflects the area,” Doran said.