It's not the something we usually expect to hear at the end of November in Saskatchewan, plus temperatures on Thursday and Friday have melted our more typical snow and ice.

“Most of November so far, we've seen below average temperatures across Saskatchewan, and we've received this nice big warmup this week, thanks to a change in the pattern of the atmosphere,” said Jean Paul CraPlus temperatures for the Queen City expected to last the weekendig from Environment Canada.

On Friday, temperatures hit 5 degrees in Regina, several degrees above the normal average of -3 while Thursday saw even warmer conditions. The Queen City reached 8 degrees and five places in Saskatchewan set new record highs including Coronach, Val Marie, Estevan, Rockglen and Maple Cree, which was Thursday's national hot spot at 19 degrees.

However, Regina fire and protective services is reminding people to stay off the ice.

“We had that horrible cold spell not that long ago, so you know, it's - 21, -22, you think the ice is thick enough, but it's not. And then things like snow is insulating and keeps the ice thin,” said Angela Prawzick from Regina Fire and Protective Services.

The warm temperatures are expected to last through the weekend and into the beginning of next week. So, if you did not have a chance to enjoy the sun quite yet, there's still plenty of time to do so. 

With files from Taylor Rattray.