Thursday was a busy night for SaskPower as another meter box sparked in Regina.

Fire crews were called to Bennett Bay in McCarthy Park just before 9:00 on Thursday night.

There was no fire, but SaskPower crews say the meter box did spark, because of ground shifting, the same reason nine other meter boxes have caught fire in Regina so far this summer.

Power was out to the neighbourhood for about twenty minutes as crews repaired the box.

SaskPower says this is one of more than 50 incidents in the province where there was sparking, but no fire. They say it was a newer home, so the newer aluminum service melted and caused an outage. The damage was contained to the power box.

It's an ongoing issue for the Crown. They’ve had crews going door to door inspecting homes.

SaskPower is also encouraging homeowners to visually inspect their homes themselves, looking for tilted boxes and exposed wires.

Anyone with concerns is encouraged to contact SaskPower directly.