PREECEVILLE, SASK. -- A new ski chalet was constructed on the Preeceville Lions Family trail, giving those taking advantage of winter activities a place to get away from the cold.

It took a team of volunteers about three weeks to construct and is still awaiting finishing touches in the form of hardware floors and new benches.

"We're planning on keeping it open all the time so somebody could come in in the evening and do an evening ski,” said Huska. “We'd love to encourage people to come out with headlamps and go for an evening ski and use the shelter as well.”

No more than four people can be in the chalet at a time to follow health guidelines, but those who are unable to keep warm next to its fire can find another outside.

The trails have been operating for two years and many have already used the trails this season as winter settles in.

The trails feature two ski tracks along the outside edges with room left in the middle for pedestrians.

"We do want to allow folks that are either snowshoeing or walking to go into the middle of trail, so we keep the trails groomed after a snowfall like we'll have today," said Mandy Huska, secretary of the Preeceville Lions Family Trail.

Huska says the committee is working to expand the trails each year, with the map this year featuring a new loop with another on the way.

The Lions Family Trails are open to people of all ages, including dogs, to enjoy.

Kids love to play on the hills and can even enjoy story time with a book stationed along the trees lining the trail.

Huska says the committee encourages people from near and far to get out and hit the trails.