Newly-elected Premier-designate Scott Moe met with the Lieutenant Governor on Monday to begin his transition into his new role as Saskatchewan Party leader.

Moe beat out Alanna Koch in the fifth ballot of voting at the Saskatchewan Party leadership convention in Saskatoon on Saturday.

"I've met with the Lieutenant Governor,” Moe told reporters at Government House on Monday afternoon. “She has asked me to form government here in the province of Saskatchewan and I have accepted."

Moe has moved into the premier’s office at the Saskatchewan Legislature. His first order of business is appointing top advisors and forming his cabinet.

"There (are) manym many capable candidates capable of serving in cabinet,” he said. “So it is a difficult decision and I am learning already that it quite likely might be one of the more difficult decisions in this position."

Two MLAs, Jim Reiter and Jeremy Harrison, appear to be among the main players on Moe’s transition team. Moe met with them on Monday, along with the Minister of Finance to prepare for the upcoming budget.

"I think the first order of business that we have as a government is, you know, we are in budget development here obviously for the spring and there have been forwarded in this leadership by myself," Moe said.

Moe and his cabinet will be sworn in at Government House later this week.

Based on a report by CTV Regina's Wayne Mantyka