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Premier invited to visit Regina city hall tent encampment


Premier Scott Moe responded positively when asked to visit the Regina city hall tent encampment – according to organizers.

Now residents are preparing a message – should the premier show up.

Those living at the encampment on the front lawn of Regina’s city hall believe there is a lot that Moe could learn by visiting their home.

“The premier should know that we’re all facing homelessness and houselessness,” camp resident Kayla “Pynk” Mitton told CTV News.

“We need to get something rolling.”

On the weekend, the premier was invited to visit the camp by Alysia Johnson – an advocate with Rally Around Homelessness – who attended a Saskatchewan Party barbecue.

“I just shook his hand and said, ‘Thanks very much Mr. Premier, there’s a bunch of people down at the city hall encampment and they would really appreciate your leadership in coming down,’” Johnson said.

“And he shook his head yes and said, ‘Thanks for the invite.’”

Jim LaRose was at the camp to check on a family member. He said he would welcome a visit by the premier.

“The premier should come and I hate to say this but the mayor should do something too with the premier,” LaRose said.

“It would help a lot.”

Florence Stratton is a volunteer at the camp – with a few ideas for the premier concerning social assistance.

“I think he needs to do something about raising the SIS and SAID rates above the poverty line and that’s the problem that a lot of the people here are suffering from.”

“Unless he listens to what others have to say, you’re not going to understand the issues,” said Steven Lewis, another camp volunteer.

“You can’t just play lip service to it. You have to actually do something about it.”

In a statement to CTV News, a spokesperson for the premier said that he “did not make a commitment to attend the illegal encampment.”

“He was extended invitations to a variety of meetings and events, and his office will follow up on requests as his duties allow,” the statement read.

According to Executive Council, the Ministry of Social Services has had to relocate its outreach services from the front lawn of City Hall to a secure site indoors due to “health and safety concerns.”

“The Ministry of Social Services continues to attempt to engage those at the encampment to offer income assistance and housing supports,” the statement continued.

“Unfortunately, the majority of those offers continue to be rejected.”

According to the City of Regina - as of July 17 - the city hall encampment contains 83 tents with 45 to 60 residents living at the camp. Top Stories

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