YORKTON, SASK. -- A concerning trend of criminal shooting of domestic livestock is appearing around the province.

In September, Ash Cooper's father walked out in to one of the pasture's of Cooper Clan Buckin' Horse Company to discover one of their horses had been shot dead.

"There was no hunting yet at all, so it was either poaching or just maliciously done with intent," Ash Cooper, the manager of Cooper Clan Buckin’ Horse Company, said.

Cooper said he could see the tire tracks from where he assumes they stopped to shoot the horse from the road.

The horse was the company's best broodmare, who Cooper says was the type of horse people spend a lifetime looking for, making it hard to measure the impact the incident is going to have in the long run.

“It's tough to put a price on because how many more colts would she have had and how many more colts would her colts have had and so on and so on," Cooper explained.

This is the first time Cooper has seen one of his horses shot, but similar incidents are happening across the province.

The trend in what appears to be the criminal shooting of livestock has sparked the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation and the Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association to partner with SaskTip (Turn in Poachers) to offer a reward for information.

Tips leading to apprehension or prosecution could be worth $10,000.

"Let's get this solved, you know, the disrespect for people's livestock and livelihood is absolutely unacceptable," Kelcy Eelford, president of the Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association, said.

Anyone with information regarding those found illegally shooting livestock should contact either the Stock Growers Association or the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation.

Cooper Clan Buckin' Horse Company is also offering their own reward for tips pertaining to its ongoing investigation.

"I guess they think they're not going get shot because they do it right, like I say, I would just like some accountability," Cooper added.

Cooper said he wants neighbours to look after neighbours and keep an eye out for each other.