One woman is on a virtual voyage from Canada’s West to East coast.

On a stationary bike networked to Google Street View, University of Regina professor Megan Smith is cycling across Canada. Travelling an average of four to six hours per week, she rode six hours at the U of R Tuesday, taking her from Moose Jaw to Regina’s eastern city limits.

“Sometimes it’s a lone person in the field. Sometimes it’s just a beautiful landscape. But sometimes it’s a glitch or a computer glitch, and so I’m sharing this information with people across many platforms,” said Smith, who is an assistant professor in creative technologies.

Her bike is configured with her computer so that she is cycling in real time. This is done through overriding the up and down keys on her computer. She controls her direction of cycling by switches on her handlebars.

Smith’s journey began last December on Dallas Road in Victoria. She has since been sharing her journey over YouTube livestream, and through photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. As a result, she has received a following of people from across Canada, the U.S. and even in England, France, Belgium and Germany.