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Proposed location for Moose Jaw landfill rejected by local RM


The City of Moose Jaw’s proposed landfill location has been rejected by the city’s neighbouring rural municipality (RM).

The RM of Moose Jaw rejected the City’s Discretionary Use Application to construct a new “Solid Waste Management Facility” just north of city limits.

In response to the rejection, City Manager Maryse Carmicheal thanked the RM of Moose Jaw for considering application and stressed the importance of finding a new location.

“Securing a location for a new facility is critical because the ability to safely manage waste at our existing landfill decreases every year,” she said in the announcement. “We are currently reviewing options on how to move forward. We will bring a report on the matter to Moose Jaw City Council in the coming weeks.”

Moose Jaw’s current landfill has operated for almost 100 years and is expected to reach the end of its useful life in the next four to five years.

The City has partnered with GHD Limited and Associated Engineering to carry out the project.

According to city documents, criteria for the location includes:

  • Within 2 kilometres of city limits
  • A minimum of two quarter sections or 320 acres
  • Good accessibility from a provincial highway

Potential sites for a new landfill are restricted to south, southeast, east and northeast due to bird hazard buffers and development restrictions of 15 Wing and Moose Jaw’s Municipal Airport.

Sites in the northwest were less preferred due to the prevailing winds in the area originating from the west-northwest.

More information on the process of selecting a new landfill can be found here.

A map showing possible locations of landfills surrounding the city of Moose Jaw. (Source: City of Moose Jaw) Top Stories

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