Removal of trees from Wascana Park continued on Wednesday. Around 110 trees are going to be cut down or relocated to help make room for a new development along College Avenue.

The development includes Conexus Credit Union’s new head office, and the University of Regina’s College Avenue Campus renovations.

This comes after Conexus donated $8.25 million to the university to help fund the renovations.

"We feel strongly that saving Wascana Park is as much about saving College Avenue Campus and Darke hall. And if we do nothing today, we fear that those buildings won't exist five or 10 years down the road," said Eric Dillon, CEO of Conexus Credit Union.

A group opposing the development, called No Business in the Park, held a protest on Wednesday afternoon to raise awareness for the project, and to try and make one more request.

"Stop this devastation right now. It’s not too late to change your plans. We still have many beautiful trees standing there. It’s going to look like a war zone when they all come down,” said Lorraine Weidner, one of the leaders of No Business in the Park.