REGINA -- The “No Business in the Park” group performed an adaptation of Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax outside the Conexus Credit Union’s head office on Wednesday.

The Lorax is a warning tale, highlighting the risk industry poses to the environment. The group’s performance of the play wasn’t about entertainment, but rather, about protesting the Conexus Credit Union’s move to cut down trees in Wascana Park to make way for a new head office.

“I don’t often come out to protests. But in this case, I thought it was imperative that we take a stand and let corporations know that our park is not for sale,” said Rob Humphries, who played Conexus Credit Union C.E.O., Eric Dillon, in the play.

More than one-hundred trees came down to make way for the head office. In return for the space, Conexus Credit Union made an $8-million donation to the University of Regina’s College Avenue Campus.

Donation aside, the “No Business in the Park” group has opposed the project in the park since it was first announced.

“They have no right to be in the park,” said Diane Strilaeff, who played the Lorax in the play. “If we don’t stand up for situations like this, it’ll happen again and again.”

Conexus Credit Union did not comment on the group’s production, but did say the new head office is on track to open in June of 2020.

“We're going to have start-ups in that space, and there will be a cafe for the public, and bike racks and community uses,” said Conexus Credit Union C.E.O, Eric Dillon. “Just colliding our community to create a better credit union for sure, but also to enhance entrepreneurship in our community and enhance the arts with Darke Hall.”