REGINA -- The Ministry of Corrections and Policing has announced $87,000 that will go toward Scott Collegiate’s pathways program.

The program is a prevention-based initiative that helps at-risk youth transition from high school into meaningful jobs. The money will fund a new position that will co-ordinate job opportunities.

“The goal of this program is to increase student engagement and ultimately help young people find opportunities for employment after they graduate from high school,” Corrections and Policing Minister Christine Tell said. “Engaging vulnerable youth early is key to helping them successfully transition into adulthood.”

The program also provides employability training and provides options for post-secondary opportunities. The program focuses on employment in construction, tourism, hospitality, communications and media.

“The Pathways approach is about providing meaningful and relevant opportunities for students,” Regina Public Schools Director of Education Greg Enion said. “This new position is a critical step in connecting with our communities to provide students with access to training, skill acquisition, resume building, and other necessary life and career skills.”