REGINA -- The province set a new daily natural gas consumption record during the cold snap this week.

The previous record of 1.50 PetaJoules (PJ) was set in December of 2018 and then tied in February of 2019.

The new records are:

  • Monday, Jan. 13 to Tuesday Jan. 14: 1.53 PJ
  • Tuesday Jan. 14 to Wednesday Jan. 15: 1.54 PJ
  • Wednesday Jan. 15 to Thursday Jan. 16: 1.56 PJ

Daily consumption numbers are tracked for 24 hours between 9 a.m. one day until 9 a.m. the following day, the Crown corporation says.

SaskEnergy says is PetaJoule is equivalent to one million GigaJoules (GJ) of natural gas. The average home consumes about 100 GJ each year.

The Crown says the consumption record was due to high usage from residential, business and commercial. SaskEnergy also says record-setting days are happening more often due to customer growth.