Set up has begun for Country Thunder in Craven, and one group of campers is making their campsite extra special this year with purple displays.

The campsite is known as purple country paradise and has been built for the past twelve years by Brian Howey and his wife Barb Dedi. A different theme is picked each year.

"We've had Halloween, we've had Christmas, we've had a Blake Shelton theme,” Brian Howey said.

Barb chose the purple, and is also the inspiration behind a collection of Blake Shelton signs on display.

Howey does all the woodwork and painting for the site; including an archway that he said has been used for weddings at the festival. He also lines everything with purple lights.

"It’s a way to find your way home too,” Howey said.

A competition used to be held at the music festival for best campsite. Purple Country Paradise always was in the fight for first place, but Howey believes they only ever got second place.

"They do an awesome job,” a different campsite owner Doug Westhouse said. “I don't know if they ever did win, maybe one year,”

Howey says about 13 friends and family will eventually join him in Purple Country Paradise.

The displays will be brought back to his home in Regina, to be used during the Sparkle Tour over the holidays.

Attendees of the 2019 Country Thunder event can easily pick out Purple Country near the entrance, Howey plans to be back at Country Thunder in 2020 with an even more elaborate set up, including a possible eight-foot Ferris wheel.