Life-long best friends Salaiman Hakimi and Jamil Ahmadi made a stop in the Queen City on Monday, as part of their cross-country cycling initiative to raise money for the Breakfast Club of Canada.

According to the Breakfast Club of Canada, one in every five children do not have access to a healthy breakfast.

“Because I am a teacher sometimes I can see the kids at school, they are very hungry during snack time,” Hakimi said. “I ask them why are you hungry? And they say because I didn’t have breakfast.”

Hakimi and Ahmadi live in Quebec. Both men are from Afghanistan and migrated to Canada as refugees more than 20 years ago.

The pair started their journey less than a month ago, and have since been biking at least 100 kilometres daily with few stops and breaks.

“Around us there is not that much mountains so we are not distracted much,” Ahmadi said. “We always see in front of us. It’s a bit, I would say, boring.’

The duo say the long ride is worth the cause, as they prepare to pedal their way toward Winnipeg later this week.