Saturday brunch at Bodega Tapas Bar has all of the typical makings of a mid-morning meal, except for one thing: the atmosphere is set by a live DJ.

After a rebrand in June of last year, they started ‘Saturday Hip Hop Brunch’.

"I think we just wanted something hip, something fun and exciting on a Saturday or a Sunday to go out too,” said Keenan Pacheco, the executive chef at Bodega.

Originally the hip hop brunch concept was set up for Sundays, but they wanted keep the traditional Sunday brunch for people who make Bodegas a regular stop after church.

"So then we said why not Saturday. We had nothing going on, on Saturday’s and then it kind of just came into fruition," said Pacheco.

They don’t just play Hip Hop music.

"Soul, funk, reggae, everything; there's no limitations," said Chris Habte, also known as DJ SKNNYKRS. He spins records at Bodega. "It’s great! People enjoying their food with good music at respectable volume, it’s an everyone wins type of thing."

"We just wanted to change things up a bit, try something different and kind of showcase some of our local deejay's along with our food in a fun environment that has some energy for Saturday mornings,” says John Kessler, the director of operations at Bodega.

The theme even carries over to the menu with names like the Easy-E, which is a standard eggs and bacon type of meal. Or you can try your hand at the Chance the Wrapper, which is their take a breakfast burrito.

Whether you come for the music or the food, the team at Bodega hopes that people enjoy the atmosphere.