The family of a woman who died after falling down a laundry chute at a Regina hotel in 2015 says they still have more questions than answers after meeting with the Regina Police Service.

Delores Stevenson, Nadine Machiskinic’s aunt, brought a tipi to the legislative building on Wednesday to honour her niece’s memory.

Machiskinic, 29, was found at the bottom of the laundry chute in the Delta Hotel. She later died in hospital.

Last week, Regina police said an RCMP review into Machiskinic’s death was complete. Chief Evan Bray met with Machiskinic’s family on Tuesday to share the findings.

However, Stevenson says the full report on the review won’t be made public.

“I still don’t really have a whole lot of confidence, considering the fact that it’s not being made public or that they’re not really revealing the findings to myself or my family,” she said. “I think after going through what my family and I had to go through for two years to get where we’re at, I think that we deserve that much.”

Stevenson says she feels her family is at the same place they were two years ago when the RCMP probe began.

Machiskinic’s cause of death was originally ruled as undetermined, then changed to accidental. A jury at a coroner’s inquest last year changed the ruling back to undetermined.

Stevenson says she came to the legislature on Wednesday to continue her fight for justice in her niece’s death.

“I don’t really feel a sense of justice,” she said. “That’s not going to bring Nadine back and I honestly question what justice is if, at the end of the day, myself as a family still doesn’t have answers.”

She says she went into the meeting with Bray looking to move forward.

“After two years of going where I went and getting to where I got, I have done all that I could as an auntie, as an advocate for Nadine, I did all that I could,” she said. “I went in there on my own with a sense of letting go in a forgiving kind of way.”

Regina police say Bray hasn’t decided yet whether or not to make the full review public. He will speak to the media, but a date for when that will happen hasn't been set.