The Saskatchewan government will open its financial books to the public next week as it releases the 2019 provincial budget.

Typically, the days leading up to a provincial budget are filled with dire warnings of tough times and restraint. This year, there’s nothing.

“We will come forward with a balanced budget,” said minister of finance Donna Harpauer.

The road to a balanced budget has included several tax changes along the way including PST on new home construction, a tax on insurance and a sales tax on used cars. It could be that the ground work has already been laid.

“We took some very serious measures in order to move, shift our reliance off oil and renewable resources,” Harpauer said.

The NDP is skeptical about talk of a balanced budget from the Sask Party next week.

“I mean this is a government that talks about balanced budgets,” said Cathy Sproule, an NDP MLA. “They have barely been able to do that through their whole term.”

The province had about two decades of balanced budgets until the Saskatchewan Party ran into financial trouble in 2015.

“It's a story, they'll be telling their story and the official oppositions will certainly be looking through, between the lines,” Sproule said.

When asked if taxpayers have anything to worry about in next week’s budget, Harpauer offered this response.

“I don’t think so,” Harpauer replied.

The budget will be delivered on March 20. 

Based on a report by CTV Regina's Wayne Mantyka