Rain across Saskatchewan gave producers some much needed moisture to help finish off seeding season.

Ninety-six per cent of crops are now in the ground, but growth is delayed at the moment and most crops are behind developmentally for this time of the year. But at this stage of the season, it’s not reason for concern.

"Because we've had such dry conditions this season, coupled with just a little bit of a later start than normal for us, a lot of those crops are actually delayed in progress. It's not anything to be worried about now that we have received some rainfall,” said Shannon Friesen from Saskatchewan Agriculture.

For some parts of the province rain has been a blessing, but for others, it has caused more harm. Fields in the Lampman area were flooded, and it will likely be some time before producers are able to access them.

In the southwest it is the opposite. Dry conditions are persisting, and crop and hay yields could be negatively affected unless they get some rain soon.