Ituna RCMP are investigating after a man took it upon himself to take down and burn Nazi and Confederate flags hung at a residence in Kelliher.

Caleb Pelletier confirmed to CTV News that he took the flags down on Friday night, from where they were hung at the home. He also posted a video to Facebook showing the flags being burned.

“I made the decision when the authorities weren’t going to make it,” said Pelletier. “I believe it affected so many of our people so I took matters into my own hands and now they are taken down and burned.”

Pelletier, from the George Gordon First Nation, said he wanted to take the flags down because the flags are offensive to Indigenous people.

RCMP says displaying the flag is not illegal, but discussed the feeling of the community with the home owner.

"It's this no-brainer kid -- 34-years old and never grew up," Kelliher Mayor Darcy King said Friday.

"I contacted his parents ... and they didn't know it was happening,” King said.