From perch to pike and every fish in between, brothers Jason and Jeff Matity live, eat and breathe the sport of fishing. Jason a broadcaster and Jeff a biologist, guide, teacher and outdoor writer know their stuff when it comes to catching fish, capturing it with a camera and turning it into a fast paced, high adrenaline fishing program aimed at anglers novice or pro.

Join the two as they work the World Class waters of Saskatchewan in a boat or from shore. Reel Em In, Saskatchewan's only local television fishing program seen exclusively on CTV and on the web.

1.Smackin' Ciscoes - Most often an unintentional catch, the ciscocan be caught by the barrelful and are a ton of fun and can alsobe used for bait.

AIRDATE: January 5th 

2. Lights, Camera, Perch Action - With the use of an underwater camera, Jeff and his son Ben show us that you can take home a nice mess of perch when you can actually watch them put the hook rightin their mouth, before you set it. A must for deep water, or when the perch are biting extremely light.

 AIRDATE: January 12th

3. 1-2 Punch Burbot - Jason and Jeff show you a unique and bizarre jigging style for Burbot, one of Saskatchewan's most voracious predators below the ice.

 AIRDATE: January 19th

4. Best Bait Pike - Jason and Jeff have used tip-ups for toothy critters, but haven't shown how to actively jig for Northern Pike.You can catch big ones too.

 AIRDATE: January 23rd

5. Electronic Eyes - Jason and Jeff have talked electronics, but have never really explained how you can specifically use what's on your screen to attract fish, then make them bite. Horizontal baits are also examined and how they show up best on a flasher.

 AIRDATE: Febraury 23rd