The Regina adult campus officially has a new location and a new name, The Allan Blakeney Adult Campus. The school is named after Saskatchewan’s 10th premier.

"One of his passions was education,” said Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall.

“He was an education minister and helped begin our community college initiative in the province. So continuing education, an adult campus is perfect right in his constituency where he served."

The location of the adult campus is in Blakeney’s former constituency. His children attended the school and his wife volunteered there.

"Elphinstone was our constituency and the people were very good to us and they helped us and we helped them and that was lovely," said Anne Blakeney, wife of Allan Blakeney.

She said her husband would be extremely proud to have this campus named after him.

“I hope the kind of life that Allan Blakeney led will be transferred in part to the students here who will go out and work for their communities in their own ways," she said.

The adult campus has been operating in Regina for 12 years and formerly included a downtown location. When the school opened in 2005, there were 14 graduates, but last year, 136 students graduated from the campus.

The campus has a daycare for students to take their children and it’s structured for mature students.

“You don't have to worry about all the clichés and who’s popular and who’s not,” said Racheal Cyr. “We're all working towards getting our Grade 12."