REGINA -- Regina’s big blue bins will soon accept more items.

Starting on Sept. 1, the bins will accept the same material that residents can toss in their home recycling cart.

This means the big blue bins will take plastic packaging labelled No. 1 to 7, paper, cardboard, metal containers, foil and beverage containers.

The big blue bin depots are available for use 24/7 at the following locations:

  • 2151 Broad Street (beside 7-Eleven - enter from the alley).
  • Jack Staples Arena – 444 North Broad Street.
  • Columbus Park - 2940 Pasqua Street.
  • Northwest Leisure Centre – 1127 Arnason Street.
  • Rosemont Shopping Centre - 5064 4th Avenue.
  • Sandra Schmirler Centre – 3130 East Woodhams Drive.
  • Sportplex – 1717 Elphinstone Street.
  • Douglas Park – Off Assiniboine Avenue E, south of Leibel Field.

The city is looking at adding more locations in the near future.

The city is requesting residents to place loose items in the bins and flatten cardboard boxes. Glass containers aren’t accepted. Recyclable or bulk items should not be placed outside the bin.