REGINA -- Regina businesses are supportive of the government’s newly announced COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions, which do not include shutting down the economy.

"No one wants to get back to another lockdown," Minister of Health, Paul Merriman said. "No one wants to close businesses and put people out of work. But we need to slow down the spread of this virus."

The new restrictions will be in place until December 4. After that, the Government will reassess if further restrictions need to be implemented.

The Regina & District Chamber of Commerce welcomes this news and said shutting down the economy now would be extremely hard on already struggling businesses.

"If there were a shutdown, it would be catastrophic for those businesses," CEO of The Regina & District Chamber of Commerce, John Hopkins said. "We're happy that the government did recognize that and want to ensure that they let people know that the vast majority of businesses have taken all the precautions that they possibly can."

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started in Saskatchewan in March, businesses across the province have been impacted. The Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce is begging consumers to get their Christmas gift from local businesses this year.

"Buying from each other, locally, is the answer," CEO of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce, Steve McLellan said. "Sitting at home, buying from Amazon and other things may be easier, but I'll tell you what, it doesn't help anybody here so this is the time more than any other. Let's shop local."

Both the Regina and Saskatchewan Chambers are recipients of funding from the Federal Government's Regional Relief and Recovery Fund.

Ottawa is investing $1,925,000 to assist 24 Saskatchewan organizations that support businesses.

The Saskatchewan Chamber said one of the ways it will be using its money is to help businesses get those products online and increase their presence on social media.

"The need in the West has just been very great as you know," Parliamentary Secretary for the Federal Minister of Economic Development, Terry Duguid said. "The oil and gas price depression, the tourism decline that has happened in the last nine months, it's been a triple whammy."