According to a new poll by Statistics Canada, consumers are paying more for their cannabis than they were at the time of legalization. But one Regina store said prices haven’t changed much in the past six months.

"There are a lot of people out there that want premium cannabis and they're willing to pay the premium price,” Wiid Boutique owner Landyn Uhersky said. “So there are producers out there that are more expensive, organically grown, they take no shortcuts, and they do demand a higher price point. We do see a lot of people coming in for those products."

Uhersky said the numbers in the Stats Canada report come from users who voluntarily entered what they paid into an app. He said the people that would have answered the poll are likely the ones who purchase the highest quality weed for the most quantity possible, so their responses would be costly.

He said the average price for a gram in his store is around $10.95.

Stats Canada outlined the difference between legal and illegal prices, with a gram in regulated stores averaging $9.99 per gram, compared to less than $6.40 on the black market.

Uhersky said he expects when edibles become legal, demand will keep prices stable… before dropping as more producers come online and the industry grows.

He expects average prices to drop to around $7 a gram in Saskatchewan.

Based on a report by CTV Regina's Colton Wiens.