REGINA -- For three years Excalipurr Cat Cafe has been brewing drinks and finding homes for hundreds of Regina stray cats. In 2021, the café will be partnering with more rescues, to help find homes for more cats.

"We adopted out 320 cats to date with Regina Cat Rescue which were really proud of, but moving forward into 2021 we have changed our model of how we are running the café. Now we are going to be partnering with numerous rescues to hopefully adopt even more kitties,” Chelsey Legendre, the Owner of Excalipurr Cat Café said.

Soon, the café will partner with SOS Prairie Rescue, a provincial resource that has rescued cats in more than 56 communities.

"We are completely foster-run so we don't have a store front of any sort or a shelter where we keep cats in kennels. We rescue anywhere between strays, farm cats, home surrenders, mom with kittens or seniors with injuries," Gena Messenger, the Vice President of SOS Prairie Rescue said.

COVID-19 was hard on the café. Now with some precautions in place, Legendre is hoping the new additions will attract more customers.

"We are taking reservations for 45 minute time slots in the cat room. We do ask everyone wear masks and right now we're not allowing kids under the age of 7. You’ll need to social distance between households and our room is set up for that,” Legendre said.

While staff are hoping these precautions will lift soon, they're hoping more people will come, snuggle up to a cat and may decide to take them home forever.

“People get to fall in love with the cats, so the ones that have been in our care for the longest (time) people are like oh, another orange cat or another tuxedo.” Messenger said “This gives them the opportunity to snuggle up to them or play with them and realize this is the type of cat I want in my house.”

As cats are adopted, the cafe will offer the space to another adoptable.