REGINA -- The Regina Catholic School Division appears to be facing a bus driver shortage for the upcoming school year.

In an email sent to parents, the division said the number of available bus drivers is lower than currently needed for RCSD.

"The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted nearly every aspect of our lives, education included," said the email, which was obtained by CTV News.

The email said a temporary plan is in place "to make sure all children eligible to be transported by school bus will arrive on time."

Twylla West, RCSD spokesperson, said the division wanted to notify parents of the situation.

However, she said parents should transport their own children, if possible, to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19.

“What we’ve done now is ask parents to please let us know now if they are able to drive their children, so that we can make those plans,” West said.

She is not sure why there is a shortage, but said it’s common for bus driver positions to be available right before the school year.

LP3 Transportation Solutions is the company responsible for the division's bus service.

The company did not respond to CTV’s requests for comment.

Despite the shortage, West said there will be enough buses for the first week because of the staggered start.

She said she believes things will be worked out by the second week.

As well, new temporary bus routes have been created for the affected schools.

In a statement, the Saskatchewan government said it’s aware of the concerns and that the division is working with the service provider.

Meanwhile, the Regina Public School Division said it does not anticipate any issues at this time.